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Now featuring Chef Anthony Calleo in our new Kitchen! From scratch kitchen, traditional and detroit style pizzas are being served up everyday! Amazing draft beer and cocktail selection to go with any food of your choosing.

The bar called the ‘living room of Montrose’ celebrates 41 years 

“Roughneck oil workers, bohemian artists, men dressed as vikings and women dressed as Barbarella have all crossed the threshold of Rudyard’s British Pub. Whether they drank a cold one by the wood panel windows overlooking Waugh Drive, threw steel tip darts for an official league, or hollered along with a live band in the upstairs music room, Rudyard’s staff and owner have strived to make guests of every stripe and creed feel at home. Celebrating 40 years, the so-called “living room of Montrose” remains a testament to how a bar can adapt to changing tastes while preserving its history.” – Ileana Najarro, Houston Chronicle 03 September 2018 



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 20 people.

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